Marketing Medicine launches KOL Programme Print
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 00:00
Marketing Medicine is delighted to launch its Key Opinion Leader and Advocacy Development Programmes. 

“Working with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) should be a vital part of the marketing mix for any company selling into healthcare markets” said Katy Draper, Managing Director of Marketing Medicine.  "We have been working with our clients to help them foster the right relationships with clinicians and nurses who can help to provide vital insight to help them successfully commercialise their ideas for several years – this has been so much a part of our work that we have decided to launch it as a separate service in its own right”

A properly managed KOL and Advocacy Development Programme should inform your product development, raise your profile within their peer group through researching and publicising peer reviewed articles and papers and help with communications and reviewing.  Groups need to be carefully selected according to what is required at any one time and there needs to be a careful balance of advisor and endorsement, without compromising professional integrity.

Marketing Medine's programmes can provide:
   Research to identify the right KOLs for your business, mapping their skill sets and  
   identifying key people for key roles

   Planning, organising and facilitating Advisory Boards and focus groups,

   Setting up Terms of Reference for groups,

   Managing KOL relationships on your behalf

   Development of in-house speaker bureaus, researchers and writers,

   Managing symposia and clincal educational events. 

Please do contact us to explore how we can add some value to your business.  +44 1543 253109