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Deciding to invest in a healthcare or medical bid is a key strategic decision for any organisation.  A successful bid will take time and resources.  It's important that this resource isn't wasted and that your business is prepared to maximise your chances from the start.

There are key things that you can be doing even before a bid opportunity lands on your desk to ensure that your business is in great shape to hit the ground running.

We can provide up to 2 hours free consultancy advice via Skype or the telephone to assess your readiness for the bidding process and point you in the right direction before we start. To set up your FREE consulting please ring Katy Draper on 07941 465 799 or 01530 222 018.

In this we can go through:

  • Are you looking at the right tenders? We can look at an historical list of tenders in your area and help you sort through this.
  • Have you got the essential key documents and policies collected together? If not we can help you set up and manage a libary of key assets to draw on.
  • What is your previous experience?  We can look at a previous tender with you and give you some pointers as to how you can improve.
  • Is your business geared up to be able to deliver the work? Our 30+ years of business experience within the healthcare industry is invaluable helping you here.
Our clients say that we're helpful, knowledgeable and go the extra mile.  We've an enviable record of success and we know the healthcare world inside and out so can add so much value to your bid.

With nothing to loose other than a couple of hours of your time get in touch!

You can contact Katy on 01530 222 018 or 07941 465 799.  Looking forward to helping you win that next contract!