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Have you thought of an Angel Investment? PDF Print E-mail
Marketing Medicine’s Managing Director, Katy Draper, is an active Business Angel with a strong entrepreneurial drive! Our days are always interesting! Katy is a member of a few angel networking groups.

We have a fund which is supplemented with profits from our company which we do sometimes put towards supporting high growth potential healthcare start ups.  Alternatively we do support businesses with “Sweat Equity”. 

Typically businesses are high growth potential, looking to exit within 5 – 10 years of investment.  Businesses must also have a great idea, a strong business plan and qualify for EIS relief on any financial investment. 

One of our investments, Michelson Diagnostics, which we have backed both financially and with time is now showing great promise.

For more information about Angel Investments please have a look at The British Business Angels Association website.

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