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Key Opinion Leader Advocacy Development Programmes PDF Print E-mail

Having a proactive Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Advocacy Development Programme should add enormous value to your brand and be a vital part of your healthcare marketing plan. We are specialists at finding the right KOLs for your product and persuading them to be involved with your strategy - without compromising their professional integrity or infringing codes of conduct.

A professionally managed KOL programme will ensure crucial insights for your new product development, help you to construct key marketing messages and provide regular, professional and credible feedback on your marketing activities.

Marketing Medicine has considerable experience in both the creation and management of healthcare programmes covering:

•    Researching and identifying the best KOLs for your business
•    Setting up terms of reference
•    Planning, organising and facilitating advisory board and focus group meetings
•    Managing the KOL relationships
•    Producing meeting reports and managing consensus paper distribution

Marketing Medicine is also able to map KOLs globally in any chosen healthcare field as well as developing a systematic programme to manage these contacts, utilising their skills as advocates for your brand.  This could be to develop your own in-house speaker bureau which can be called on to speak at conferences and symposia or to conduct research and write articles for peer reviewed journals and publications.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our KOL Advocacy Development Programme services please contact us.


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